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Welcome to Tooth & Nail Creations, a place to explore the possibilities when different mediums come together to create unique end products or services based on the love of problem-solving, design, functionality, and woodworking.


What started as a hobby, quickly became a passion and a creative outlet. Having been self-taught by immersing myself in all things woodworking and countless hours studying those that have mastered the art of "making", I bring you this website and my products and services as a labor of love and a passion for creating.


The content on this website contains my work, products, and services offered as well as a sounding board for creative ideas that are yearning to be brought to life.


View my gallery, drop me a note, purchase or request a product, rent a sign, or sit back and watch how ideas come to life via my youtube channel. 

I thank you for visiting and look forward to providing content that both educates and inspires.


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