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Nailed It!

I spend roughly 3+ hours on a train, commuting into New York City for my day job as an account executive for a financial research firm. Staring out the window at tracks, stations, trains, platforms, etc... I got to thinking about some of the track debris that can be incorporated into my woodworking. I've always loved the way wood and metal compliment each other and create a rustic/industrial look. While walking through the station parking lot, I noticed a pile of rusty nails left behind from the removal of old track. I snatched them all up and brought them home to incorporate them into a new project.

I put each nail into a vice and used my 4-1/2" angle grinder to grind off all of the rust to a nice shiny finish. Using a drill and tap set, I took each nail and drilled two holes in them and tapped them to create threads to insert bolts.

After putting a coat or two of polyurethane on each one, it was time to drill the holes in each drawer and lock them in place using nuts on the inside and outside of the drawers. The shine of the metal looks great against the black drawers and the MDF drawer fronts really take paint nicely. I have a few ideas for the rest of the nails and perhaps pieces of rail I've found as well.

#railroadspikes #woodworking #toothandnailcreations #drawerhandles

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